Handcrafted Hair & Barbering Scissors from Japan

Crafted with precision from Japanese steel, entirely made in Japan.
Toyama- Professional Cutting and Thinning Scissors

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Made with Premium Japanese Steel
Introducing Matsukaze Hair & Barbering Scissors.

Made in Japan with high-quality Japanese steel.

Now available in-store! Be among the first to own a pair of these premium Japanese scissors.
Hair & Barbering Scissors Clearance Center

Offering a variety of Scissors, shampoos, conditioners, capes, and sundries.

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Made with Japanese Steel.

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Must have
FX-Pro Pink
Joewell Pink FX-Pro 5.5"
Specially made to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation. $20.00 of each scissor sold is donated to Charity.
Matsukaze - In Store Now
Premium Made Japanese Hair & Barbering Scissors.

Receive your Free Service Gift Certifcate when your purchase any of our Premium Joewell, Toyama or Matsukaze Scissors and Thinners.

When your Scissors require a Service send them back to us by redeeming your Gift Service Certificate and we will send them off back to the Manufacturer to ensure that your Scissors come back like new! Your service will be done by the very people that created them.

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Joewell Precision Hair & Barbering Shears

Hand Crafted - Made from High Quality Japanese Steel
Made in Japan


Made with Precision by Japanese Technicians.
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Toyama Professional Range

Made with Quality Japanese Steel
Quality Scissors & Thinners

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