Joewell, born from the esteemed Tokosha company, has been a pioneer in crafting hair scissors since 1917. Their precision and quality were recognized early on, earning favor among professionals at the Vidal Sassoon School. Today, Joewell stands as a symbol of Japanese excellence in the hair and beauty industry, trusted by stylists worldwide for its craftsmanship and performance.
Joewell scissors are  the pinnacle of professional hair cutting. Hand Crafted from Japanese steel, they offer unparalleled sharpness, ensuring precision and excellence in every cut. 
Investing in Joewell scissors ensures they'll remain faithful companions throughout your entire hairdressing career. Our exclusive scissor services, where we meticulously sharpen and service them, reflect Tokosha's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. With Joewell, you're not just purchasing scissors; you're investing in reliability and longevity.
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 Joewell scissors offer a wide range of sizes and styles, including left-handed, ergonomic, offset, and more, catering to diverse needs. Crafted with precision, every detail is meticulously made to ensure exceptional quality and performance.
Joewell is a globally recognized and respected brand in the professional hair cutting industry, known for its strong and reliable hair cutting scissors.
Australian International Industries - Scissors & Blades Australia are the Proud Distributors of Joewell Scissors and Thinners.
Ever since the introduction of the premium Joewell line in Australia, Scissors & Blades Australia has been privileged to act as the official distributors. We take immense pride in supplying these exceptional tools to hair professionals nationwide. Joewell represents the epitome of precision craftsmanship and unmatched performance, providing stylists with the confidence to deliver flawless cuts every time.
Partnering closely with Tokosha, we ensure that we stay ahead of industry trends to offer you the latest innovations in salon scissors.
Invest in Joewell scissors once, and they will last a lifetime.


Straight Scissors:
  • Also known as classic scissors, these feature identical upper and lower blades. They are essential tools for professionals, ideal for precise point cutting, slide cutting, and dry cutting. When used correctly, they deliver exceptionally smooth cuts. For those interested in purchasing a pair, consider exploring the Joewell Black Cobalt Series for top-notch quality.
Offset Scissors:
  • Offset scissors are distinguished by an angled handle area and a shorter handle shank with a thumb ring. Many experienced hairstylists prefer offset shears for their enhanced comfort, especially when gripping with the ring finger.
For professional-grade offset scissors, explore options such as the Joewell Classic Offset Series or the Joewell Black Cobalt Series. These collections offer a choice of sizes and colors to suit individual preferences, along with materials like the superior Japanese stainless steel alloy in the Classic Series or the cobalt-base alloy featured in the Joewell Black Cobalt Series.
Left-Handed Scissors:
- Professional hairstylists understand the importance of having the right tools, especially when it comes to using left-handed scissors for left-handed individuals. These scissors have reversed blades, providing better visibility of the cutting line. Essential for those who cannot use right-handed scissors, the Joewell Lefty Series offers a variety of premium-quality cutting tools tailored specifically for left-handed hairdressers.

Hair Thinning Scissors:
- Hair thinning scissors are a staple in professional hairdressing equipment, featuring one blade with teeth and the other without. The teeth effectively divide hair sections, allowing for selective cutting to reduce weight, blend sections seamlessly, and create a soft, diffused shape.

Types of Hair Thinning Shears:
1. Texturizing Shears: With approximately 25 or more teeth, these shears are ideal for refining cuts, creating precise textures, and achieving a lightweight, airy look.

2. Finishing Shears: Typically equipped with 15-22 teeth, these shears facilitate smooth, blended finishes and polished ends.

3. Chunking Shears: Featuring 7-15 widely spaced teeth, chunking shears swiftly remove excess hair weight. Caution is advised due to their significant cutting ability.

For top hair thinning shears, explore the Joewell Blender Series, Joewell Thinning Series, and other Joewell collections like JGC, HXT, and HXG. These ranges offer various sizes and teeth configurations to suit diverse professional needs. Whether you prefer the swift weight removal of the Joewell JGC 12 or the seamless blending of the Joewell FX Pro 40 Blender with 40 teeth, there's a model designed to enhance every haircut.


**Curved Scissors:**
This type features blades angled to suit specific cutting tasks, ideal for achieving smooth, flawless, and soft-textured cuts. Explore products from the Joewell Curved Series and choose the size that best suits your needs.

**Swivel Shears:**
The Joewell Swivel Series offers a range of customizable hairdressing scissors designed to utilize your natural range of motion, allowing automatic correction of your cutting position. Swivel shears promote a natural, pain-free stance by enabling your thumb to rotate accordingly. Each model includes an offset handle, convex edge, and screw-in bumper. You can also select your preferred color for added aesthetic appeal.